Reel Break Down

En Route

For this sequence I was a sound effects editor. The flames and crash site were all visual effects and composited in very late in the post process, so I was working with just a description of what the site would look like. I also cut the effects for the emergency vehicles that are present in the scene.


For this animation I did all of the sound effects, foley and mixing, the body movements were recorded on a foley stage and then edited as needed. The effects were a combination of cut and designed elements, the camera sounds themselves being more designed.

29,000 Wishes, 1 Regret

I was the main sound effects editor for this film. Most of the film had a very true to life raw style to it, this scene however the main characters are in Las Vegas and having the time of their lives. The wash of casino sounds, abstracts, cars and general nightlife serves to reinforce the frantic pace of life that Las Vegas embodies.


For this television pilot I served as a dialogue editor. This particular sequence is set in the meeting room of a space station. The stationary nature of the characters as well as the sheer number of them throughout the rest of the scene meant that I had a wide variety of microphones to choose from when it came to picking lines. Between the plant mics, boom, and lavalieres I was able to piece together a solid track that worked well in the mix.

Gorilla House

For this animation I did all of the sound. Due to the very short nature of the piece everything was cut, there was no foley recorded. The goal was to have a very cartoony effect so everything is made to pop without being overbearing and cluttered.

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